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So Your Business Can Run On Auto Pilot?
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Business Intensive
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This Is A Strategy Session To Map Out Your Funnel

  • ​Are you ready to automate your offers, but not sure what steps to take to make it happen?
  • ​Are you keen to get going but end up doing nothing because you can’t connect all the dots?
  • ​Perhaps you're getting FOMO now because you are seeing others achieving success and you are not.
  • ​Maybe you have tried to build it yourself, only to find there is actually a lot more involved and are starting to think it's never going to happen for you?
  • ​Perhaps you have a bunch of amazing products to sell, but you're not sure what will work in the funnel so need some guidance to make it happen?
  • ​Would you like to launch a tiny offer but not sure about what products to put in the funnel, what makes sense in terms of the customer journey and need some help?
  • ​Maybe you've done the One Funnel Away challenge (OFA) and were disillusioned about how much work is involved and now you want an expert to help you?
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How it works

 We'll have a 1-2 hour call via Zoom to discuss all the parts required to go in the funnel and we'll work together to draft It up on the call.

 Discuss the current systems you have in place.

 Run an inventory of your existing assets (courses, products, coaching packages).

 Decide on the most powerful way to present your offers to get the maximum ROI out of your funnel.

 Discuss your ideal client avatar.

 Talk through the best options for copy, graphics, funnel software & design etc.

 Discuss traffic strategies to get people to see your funnel.

 I will draft up the design on screen right in front of you as we talk through it so you have a clear idea of what you'll need to build your funnel. 

 At the end you will be fully ready to start building your funnel (and you’ll also get an idea of what it’s like to work with me!)

What you will receive after the call
  •  A detailed architectural design of your funnel.
  • An analysis of your existing assets & recommendations as to where they fit in your value ladder.
  • A complete list of tasks to take action immediately.
  • ​Analysis of your ideal client avatar to help with the funnel copy.
  • Copywriting starters to build your funnel.
  • ​Recommendations for business growth
  • ​A proposal to work with me to build out your entire funnel (or you can do it yourself or have someone else do it).
See what Rachel has to say ...

Rachel W - RTT Coach, Australia

It's hard to believe that when I first came across Colleen Jeffs and Paul Read, I barely knew what a Sales Funnel was.

The content they share freely in their group Female Coaches & Consultants - Tech & Funnel Support Automation gave me a really good understanding end to end of how the Funnel concept could be applied to automate manual processes within a business as well as generate leads and sales.

And yet I still struggled to see how I could apply the concept effectively to my own business as a Hypnotherapist, providing a service rather than a product.

So when I saw that Colleen was offering the opportunity for a one-on-one Business Intensive session to create a Funnel Blue-print specifically for my business, I knew it was exactly what I needed to move me forward to the next stage.

Being able to discuss the specifics of my business and workshop the components of a suitable funnel was invaluable. It gave me so much clarity.

But the session was so much more than that. There was also some Business coaching including some practical, simple suggestions I can implement straight away to grow my business and increase my income.

This was such a valuable investment in my fledgling business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend booking a Business Intensive session with Colleen. 🙏💝

Rachel W - RTT Coach, Australia

 A full Review of your Systems & Processes

 1 Hour Zoom Call with us to walk through our findings & guidance. 

 Expert Automation Advice To Give You More Time back In Your Day

 Step By Step Instructions For Next Steps - To Do On Your Own (Or With Us) - Totally Up To You!

 How You Can Apply These Principles in Other Areas Of Your Business (if applicable)

 Recording of the zoom call for you to keep (You'll Receive it within 24 hours of the call)

 20 years iT Experience / 10 years project Management Experience - You will be efficient after this !!

 Tips on what we're doing in our business and what works well So You Can Implement it Too!

 Support to fix existing broken funnels or automations