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Leads On Demand - The Workshop

How would you like to learn how we generate hundreds of leads to enable us to grow our Facebook Group by 50 new members a week, and our subscriber list by even more?

Hey! I'm Colleen.  

Everybody needs leads, to turn them into clients, but it's not easy.  We've figured out a cost effective way to do this on a daily basis and in this workshop I'm going to show you the method we're using.  WITHOUT RUNNING ADS.

We ran two live classes for this workshop, but now you will get access to the two recordings, and a clean version if you just want to skip through all the lessons. 

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Check out the video below to see what you're going to get

Free Bonus!

Consider this organic marketing technique a free replacement for running ads.

You will get access to my list of 30 Facebook Groups that you can promote in - you will need a source of clients - this is a huge part of growing your list and will be gifted this amazing resource as part of signing up for this class.

check out what others have said about our Leads on Demand Workshop

check out what others have said about our workshops

Optimise your Facebook Profile. Using our Organic Marketing strategies you will learn what to post to get more engagement on your personal page.

Want to get hundreds of leads a week without ads?!  This class is for you!  Learn how to create viral posts to quickly identify qualified people who want your services. 
Learn how to create a Lead Magnet that people will put their hand up for which will enable you to grow your list and in turn your clients!
Not able to find the right clients?  Your messaging is off!  Learn how to attract AND repel them by using our attraction marketing techniques.
Are you getting likes and comments in your Group, but when you drop your offers you get crickets?? Learn how to turn your Facebook Group into a money making machine!
How would you like to learn how to turn your concepts into fully fledged plans that you can execute quickly?

Join us in Project Mastery!

We run a lot of mini workshops, and I've been asked time and time again - "Can you teach us how to do it?"

The answer is yes!

Would you like to learn how to build quality digital courses to surprise & delight your customers, so that they never ask for refunds?

Then this is the course for you!

If you don't get value from this session, just drop me an email at and I'll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.