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Leads On Demand - The Workshop
How would you like to learn how we generate hundreds of leads a week to enable us to grow our Facebook Group by 50 new members a week, and our subscriber list by even more?
Hey! I'm Colleen.  

Everybody needs leads, to turn them into clients, but it's not easy.  We've figured out a cost effective way to do this on a daily basis and in this workshop I'm going to show you the method we're using.  WITHOUT RUNNING ADS.
We ran two live classes for this workshop, but now you will get access to the two recordings, and a clean version if you just want to skip through all the lessons. 
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Free Bonus!

Consider this organic marketing technique a free replacement for running ads.

You will get access to my list of 30 Facebook Groups that you can promote in - you will need a source of clients - this is a huge part of growing your list and will be gifted this amazing resource as part of signing up for this class.
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More Testimonials
 In May 2021, I came across Colleen and instantly knew that she was doing things that I didn’t know how to do.

Her social media presence was incredible, her marketing was spot on and she was mastering click funnels and other platforms that I too wanted to learn how to master.

If you want to have growth, you need to seek out those people who are doing and achieving what you want to achieve.

There is no point going it alone. Why go through pain and take twice as long to get something done when you can have someone show you the way.🥰💪

Anyway, I entered Colleen’s world and although I wanted to book onto her mastermind I couldn’t afford it.

My business was not yet in a space to justify spending that much money on coaching. But I knew I needed it.

So I booked a strategy session in with her. That one strategy session helped me fix problems with my funnel of a product I was about to launch but it did more than that...

It confirmed to me that I needed her help and I needed to step up and make it happen.

I continued to have strategy sessions with Colleen but I knew I needed more and so after attending a mini-workshop, I decided I needed to join her Mastermind. (This was just 3 weeks ago, by the way!)

Again, I wasn’t sure my business was ready, but every time I back myself, the universe responds with sending me more clients.

So I share this with you now because, every time I invest in myself, every time I say universe I’m backing myself with getting the support and training I need, the universe responds with an acceleration and growth of both myself personally and my business.🥰

I’m so happy I took the leap of faith and booked with Colleen.

Hayley, South Australia

"Your work is magic.  Another signed up tonight!  Amazing!!
- Ray - Hong Kong
"Went from 2-3 sign ups a week to 17 sign ups for my lead magnet in 1 day!" 
- Yvonne - The Netherlands
"I love working with you and Paul. All of your courses and templates are jam packed with value" 
- Rachel - Australia
If you don't get value from this session, just drop me an email at and I'll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.